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Alternative printing service

When using an Ultra Large Format camera the only traditional way of printing the negatives is to contact print them. They are just too big to fit in any enlarger. You can do this with traditional Silver gelatin prints or with some of the many alternative printing processes that stretch back to the beginnings of photography.

The two processes I have spent time attempting to master are Cyanotype and Kallitype. Cyanotype is perhaps the simplest and most accessible process and you can do it yourself at home. I would encourage you to give it a try, is not hard to make something. Being able to print high quality Cyanotypes consistently and making full use of the range of tones available is a different matter however. Careful calibration of your papers, chemicals, processes and negatives is required. This is time consuming, complex and costly and not practical for most people who might only print a few cyanotypes. Don't worry, I've done that hard work for you and have all the papers, chemicals and tools needed to make those high quality prints so you don't have to.

Kallitype is a more complex process, with many steps and options. It's very similar to Platinum/Palladium printing and if you use those as toners the end result is virtually indistinguishable. Gold or Selenium toning can be used also to give a different colour to the final print. There are more chemicals required and it is definitely not accessible to those printing small quantities. This is a process I've spent quite some time trying to get a handle on and can now offer you the fruits of my efforts so you too can now have an entirely unique, high quality kallitype print.

The choice of paper for each process is vital and greatly affects the final image. I use a choice of Arches Platine, Bergger COT 320 and Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag. Each having different advantages from cost, ease of coating and the range of tones that can be printed.

You can see some examples of prints I have made for myself and other people:


8x10" £40

10x12" £50

11x14" £60

16x20" £100

(Coffee or Green Tea toning is available, additional charges apply)

Kallitype (Gold Toned)

8x10" £45

10x12" £55

11x14" £70

16x20" £110


  • Size is paper size. Actual image will be smaller to allow for a border to aid mounting and to allow brush strokes to be visible

  • Largest digital negative I can currently create is 12" on the shortest side, which fits nicely on 16x20 with room for borders and brush strokes

  • Paper will be Bergger COT 320 by default. Arches Platine or Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag can be used but an extra charge may be applied depending on size

  • 50% deposit is required before printing

  • Full payment is required before final print is posted

Discuss options

Get in contact for more details and to discuss options about size, toning, editions.

Thanks for submitting!

Ian Hill

Working with Andrew was a real pleasure. His technical skills in the darkroom are exemplary, but it was also a pleasure to know that he had the creative vision to work with the negative and interpret what I as a photographer would like. The resulting images he produced for me are lovely, and I’m delighted to see one of them framed on my wall.


Maureen Bond

Andrew has a deep affinity with the photographic processes and delivers my vision without compromise. He has the most amazing ways to showcase my images, and his quality and service exceeds my expectations every time. Andrew makes your images come alive!


Dave Whenham

Andrew has produced both cyanotypes and kallitypes for me and to say I’m delighted with the results is to understate it. His attention to detail and professionalism are outstanding and I cannot recommend his services more unreservedly

P1000236 1.jpg

Paula Smith

Andrew took my image and transported it to another level. I was really blown away by how individual each print is. The subtleties of the edge brush marks are a real delight and you instantly appreciate an artist has actually touched the paper and applied so much thought and care into every element. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Andrew print my work again.

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