10,000 hours and ULF

Making images these days is simple. Grab your phone, open your App of choice, point, click and upload to Instagram. It's quick, simple and you can see your mistakes, like encroaching thumbs, as you go. I love it.

Making images with film and with a view camera is somewhat different. I'm not saying better, just different and also much harder. There are many steps on the way to capturing an image on the film. Then more steps to turn that latent image into something visible during development, Then more to turn that developed image into the final form, be that digital or a physical print. Any misstep on the way can either make producing the final result difficult or simply just ruin it.

I've spent the last few weeks working on the process, re-learning the steps, making them a habit and moving forwards. Until I went in the woods...

After lugging the 7x17 ULF view camera, lens, tripod, 3 film holders and accessories into the woods. Scouting locations. Setting up in a ditch in the drizzle, composing and focusing a very dark image I was ready. Waiting for the breeze and rain to stop I checked exposure, rechecked exposure, made sure the bellows weren't sagging and waited.