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7x17 vertical for Human portraits?

7x17 is quite an extreme panoramic format. Wider than most cinema films or modern TV's or your phone held horizontally. Using it in vertical orientation gives a unique but rather stretched image. It seems to be OK for some subjects like trees, but could it be used for Human portraits?

I only have a 355mm G-Claron which is a short focal length for 7x17 so due to time constraints and to avoid any possible distortions and problems with bellow extensions I didn't fill the negative with the subject. The images below are quite a crop from the original negative but I have maintained the 7x17 ratio to give an idea of how it would look.

Avoiding cramping the subject at the sides results in a large amount of negative space which to be fair I don't mind. This was a quick and simple setup but with some invention and creativity you might be able to produce something interesting. What do you think?

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