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Cutting out the choices

Like a lot of people I've been stuck and suffering quite a lot of paralysis with my photography. I've "talked" about this on twitter and one of my friends over there offered this titbit.

It's a TED talk by Barry Schwarz about "Freedom of choice" and this first world problem is very real! To my great chagrin the other day I missed a perfect Trichrome day with blue skies, fast moving clouds and bright colours because I was worrying about what camera, what filters, what film. By the time I left the house the skies were back to flat boring dull grey... 🤦‍♂️

So in the spirit of impinging my freedoms and reducing my choices I've come up with the following "plan" for the next few months. It also helps me solve my other problem of never setting myself any photography projects (again due to too many choices). The plan and projects are as follows. All other cameras/film will be locked away for the duration! I've "declared" my plans on Twitter so I my friends there can be my accountability partners and now it's here for you readers to hold me too... 😬

  1. Photograph local notable Suffolk towns and villages and make some simple zines and prints. To keep things VERY simple as this could escalate very quickly I'll stick with the Holga and HP5. I'll use an ND if it's sunny so no messing with the other choice of FP4!

  2. Portraits. Been wanting to make portraits since literally forever. Let's now get on with it. Will start with the family (and dogs) and then open up sessions to the local village. Again in the spirit of keeping things simple I'll use the RB67 and HP5 and available light only 😁

  3. Obviously I can't not be making Trichromes. I can do those with any camera/film combo and again that leads to too much choice and paralysis... 🤦‍♂️ Recent experiences have lead me to think the simplest, most effective and efficient combo is a 6x6 pinhole and HP5 so that's what will happen 🙌 (although when I have to send my Ondu 6x6 loaner back I'll have the problem of too many choice of what to buy to replace it)

So there we go. 3 projects, 3 cameras, 1 film stock. Better gets some bricks of 120 HP5 in!


S - Those projects and camera combos only M - Deliver Zines, Prints, Portfolio Trichromes A - Yep. Have everything and know what I'm doing R - Absolutely if I stop procrastinating T - Next 3 months

How about you? Do you restrict your choices? How do you decide? What plans/projects have you got planned?

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