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Escaping a rabbit hole

My domain of harks to my "day job" of Photography/Videography for various clients. However I've spent the last quite a while working on my personal images and wanted to put together a portfolio site for them. This site is hosted on Wix and whilst generally suiting the purpose there are a number of things I'm not keen on and wanted to use something else.

I hatched a plan of creating a new site for just my personal portfolio work and set about looking at the various options available. There are a "host" of website hosting services out there. Each with their own combinations of costs, options, templates. Factor in all the "time limited" offers and influencer discounts it's an impossible task to effectively determine the "best" option.

I spent way too much time, looking at those permutations, experimenting with various templates, uploading images to new platforms and chasing my tail. In the end the "analysis paralysis" set in hard.

Finally I decided to simply spend some time "tweaking" the design of my current site, trimming some fat and simplifying. With Wix you can't change the template of a site once made so I had to manually go through the pages and adjust the layout. It wasn't too much work and the result is close to what I was looking for. By sticking with Wix I haven't had to deal with re-creating products, migrating blogs, setting up eCommerce, transferring members details. I'm still on the old domain of but I can live with that as a compromise.

Have a look around the "new" design and let me know what you think and certainly let me know what I've broken! 😁


As with most things, if you were starting from scratch you more than probably wouldn't end up where you are now. That doesn't mean you are in the "wrong" place. My conclusion is "Stick with what you know". The grass is very rarely actually greener and the cost to change is more than probably not worth it unless there is a totally unique "feature" that you absolutely must have.

Incidentally that also is generally the answer for instances of GAS... 👌

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