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I've been focusing recently on creating some tangible results from my relearning of film photography, from both the pinhole and 7x17 ULF negatives I've produced so far. The images are not brilliant either technically or aesthetically, but I feel completing the process by printing some out gives some reward and completeness to learn from. There is nothing better for absorbing (and critiquing) an image than holding it in your hands, being able to "zoom" in and out and examine it from every angle.

So, I've printed both these formats digitally and also by hand with the Platinum/Palladium process. As with the making of the negatives I've tried to take it a step at a time and learn at every opportunity.

Ansel Adams wisely said "The negative is the score and the print is the performance". This truism has quite different meaning and impact for the two different methods. There's so much to either of them I will tackle what I've done and learnt in separate posts to follow. For now though the moral of this post is if you want to learn about images and photography, print them out.

3 examples "final" result of same original FP4 pinhole negative

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