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#HolgaWeek2021 - Before this issue I had used 4 rolls of Ilford HP5 making Holga images walking around my local town of Ipswich. As is my way I wanted to try and make some Trichrome images with the Holga. With a lack of diesel and other commitments I only got one chance to try this out, on an afternoon school run. With no shutter speed or aperture control all I was able to change to get any usable negatives was film speed. The RGB filters have a filter factor of 3 stops and on a very flat, dull and overcast day I was going to need ISO 1600. Ilford Delta 3200 and Ilford HP5 to the rescue.

Explain yourself!

The wasn’t much colour around to capture but I found a couple of spots. One is a farm building with an interesting profile and a high window that gets beautifully backlit on a sunny afternoon. No chance of that but I wanted to try it out anyway. It’s on a working farm and I needed to ask permission. Fortunately the lady of “manor” walked out pushing a pram and I tried to explain what I wanted to do. By the look on her face when I tried to get Twitter Russian plastic camera colour image b&w film in a sentence I failed. It didn’t go any better when the farmer chased me down with his enormous tractor to find out what this mad man was up to. I think they only agreed to get rid of me! 😁

A whole lot of explaining! Holga Trichrome

Ipswich Holga

Wandering around with the Holga was a fun experience and nice to actually not worry too much about getting exposure anywhere near close to good enough. The HP5 was developed in Moersch Finol as I thought it might help to tame any overexposed parts (it was sunny that day). It worked out nicely and as an added bonus it scans really well. HP5 also has plenty of latitude so you’ll get some kind of image to work with whatever the conditions.

Willis Building - Checking out any possible lens distortions!
Ipswich skyline

Click here to see the rest of my #HolgaWeek2021 image, apart from (for now) the three I selected for the competition.

Did you take part? Let me know how it went for you and any thoughts on the images I managed to make. 👌


This article was originally posted on my Revue/Twitter "All the formats" platform which I have now deactivated. Sorry if you've already read this before but feel free to comment.

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