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I caught Ilford's eye

As I've been progressing with my ULF learnings I've been posting my successes and some of my failures on social media. The 7x17 ULF format is rather unique and some of my images managed to catch the eye of IlfordPhoto. They made contact and asked me to write a blog post for them. No specific content was requested so I had to come up with ideas for myself...

Well, there are very many more experienced and talented ULF and LF photographers than me in the world so something technical wasn't really going to cut it. I decided an honest and open account of why and how I ended up doing 7x17" ULF was in order. So that's what I wrote. If you've not caught it you can find it here -> Ilford Photo blog

Hope you enjoy the read

One of my many 7x17 failures...

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