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I made an Ultra Large Format Zine!

I wanted to get some of my 7x17" ULF images and some of my stories about the hurdles I've been through creating them to a wider audience. It's completely understandable people not wanting to splash out money on a ULF print from an unknown artist, but there are people who are interested to see what the process might entail.

I put together a short A5 landscape Zine with a collection of images and some commentary about some of problems I've had whilst (re)learning how to make images with a ULF View Camera and film. As in initial attempt, I kept is simple. I have plans for more as I carry on learning and hopefully improving my skills, techniques and final images.

You can still purchase a copy here. Pick up a bargain and a treat for yourself.

UK: £6 incl P&P

Elsewhere: £8 incl P&P

Destinations so far:





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