I tried some Cyanotype (and I liked it)...

One of the easiest alternative printing processes is the Cyanotype process. It has cheap chemicals, simple formulas and easy steps. I've tried Platinum, Palladium and Kallitype processes so it's rather surprising (and silly) that I've not tried Cyanotype printing to date.

Well I've now changed that. Using a premixed solution and a foam brush I coated some ropey Arches Platine paper and got to work. A quick test strip showed an exposure of 2' 30" with my 4 tube tanning unit gave the best "blacks". I selected a number of reasonably high contrast 4x5 negatives and set about printing.

Cyanotype (untoned)

After posting my first attempts on Twitter a bunch of comments followed suggesting some toning techniques. I wasn't aware toning Cyanotype was thing but it appears that it is. It helps with archival qualities and changing the somewhat extraordinary Prussian Blue colour to something less garish that doesn't suit a