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Is it worth it?

In a previous post I briefly mentioned mobile phone photography and how simple and easy it has made making images. It is quite amazing how good the images are that you can create.

My tools of choice are my current iPhone 7 and Filmic Firstlight. It's simple usability allows ample control of focus and exposure and the film simulations are sublime and rarely need any tweaking in post. It is the highest level of quality point and shoot.

The first image (left) is from the iPhone and Firstlight with the B&W Bingham simulation. Took less than 10 seconds from getting phone out of pocket, firing up the app which has pride of place nearest thumb on home screen, selecting simulation and capturing image.

The next image (right) required considerably more equipment and infinitely more time and effort to setup, take, develop and process...

Is it worth it?

These two images reflect two possibilities on a very wide spectrum of tools and techniques for creating photographic images. There is no right or wrong, there is not better or worse, there is only what fits you. You choose and may you have good light.

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