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Peak Trichrome?

If you were one of the generous and supportive people who bought my "Tripping On Trichrome" zine you will have read my thoughts that pinhole cameras appear to be the ideal camera for creating "Colour from Movement" Trichrome images. The combination of apertures ranging from f/150 to f/250, 3 stop RGB filters and medium/fast films get you right in the ballpark for capturing 10's of seconds or minutes of movement. Throw in the right conditions and it's just like stealing sweets from a baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ

RSS 6x6 pinhole trichrome

This however leads to a new problem. I now know enough to know that most of the time it's not worth trying to make the kind of Trichrome images that I'm currently enjoying. This means I'm making less Trichrome images, experimenting less and learning less. Does than mean I've "peaked"? Does that mean I should stop and move on?

Are these two images that follow as "good" as it gets?

Ondu 6x6 pinhole trichrome
Ondu 6x6 pinhole trichrome

I suppose the answer to that depends on how you view what I've been doing and what I want to be doing. As I've said before I want to take myself, my photography and my "art" seriously. What do I mean by "seriously" though?

As yet I don't think I've defined it, but currently it is something like "making images that are not just pretty snapshots, considering and applying my experience and skills and interpreting what is in front of the camera".

Being entirely unschooled in any "creative" subjects and old to boot I'm struggling and stumbling along my own path. With contemplation and advice from trusted friends I'm slowly learning lessons, changing tacks and growing in my understanding. The following image is an example of this.

Trichrome image of the Martyrs monument in Christchurch Park, Ipswich
Ondu 6x6 pinhole trichrome

Whilst out looking for suitable Trichrome subjects I came across this monument in a local park. It's a memorial to nine Protestant martyrs who where burned to death in the 16th century. It was a bright and breezy day, no clouds but the shadows of nearby trees and branches were dancing across it. With my knowledge of "Colour from Movement" in mind I hoped that I could get some kind of representation of flames across the monument to reflect the circumstances of the martyrs demise.

As usual with me I was a little disappointed with the results but shared it anyway. As expected the response wasn't startling, which was no surprise but one comment from a trusted friend gave me the nudge required...

I was more than a little surprised so I had to ask him why?

Whilst the image hadn't turned out as well as I had hoped it was about my understanding of the subject and the application of my skills and knowledge to try and interpret what was in front of me rather than just making a "nice" photo. I know that sounds simple and obvious and you are absolutely not wrong. Thinking about the what/why/how of making images is new to me and it's hard to keep in mind all the time.

So have I reached "Peak Trichrome"? Have I heck. I might have slowed down in my learning of how to make them, I might not uncover another "Colour from Movement" moment but I have literally only just begun to understand how to make "art" with them.

I can only apologise if I continue to ram more Trichrome images down your socials as I continue to explore and learn ๐Ÿ˜

Just shout if you want any help or advice with making your own Trichrome images ๐Ÿ‘Œ


Thanks to Neal and many other mainly Twitter friends for your constant support, comments and advice. Neal is a fabulous photographer and deserves a follow. He is also a fellow Trichrome fan ๐Ÿ™Œ. Check out his recent 6x17 environmental portraits though. Exquisite ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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