Printing for other people

As I've previously stated. I've been concentrating on my #altprocess printing. I don't have space for a darkroom so cyanotype and kallitype prints are what I can produce. As I have a limited supply of images worthy of printing with these techniques I reached out to my twitter film photography friends to see if anyone would be kind enough to let me try and print one or two of their images. A few brave souls stepped forward and so began a month or so's collaboration with 4 artists to come up with something I deemed good enough to share with them.

My hope for the exercise was to give me a focus to help improve and nail my technique for these processes. It's not that difficult to produce something, but its something else to produce a print that you are prepared to share with others.

The sources of the images were wildly varied. From a 35mm negative I needed to scan. A couple of swing lens panoramic 35mm film scans. A couple of medium format film scans and digital file from a GFX50R. Each provided their own challenges to overcome and I'll summarise the overall in this blog, and write a separate blog for each image.

I'm not quite finished with the process as I haven't made a satisfactory print of one them. Interestingly it's the image from the GFX50R. It'