Reading helps, but Doing helps it make sense

In some recent posts I've shared the resulting images of my experimentations with new to me alterative printing processes Kallitype and Cyanotype. Whilst I've learnt the first steps of these, and managed to produce some acceptable images I've also managed to cement other learnings.

When starting to take film photography seriously you hear and read about the Zone system and how to rate your film, how to meter, how to expose and develop appropriately for your target medium. I've followed some of the things you are supposed to do but not with any great accuracy and my exposure handling for pinhole has been somewhat looser... Until now I've been mainly scanning my negatives and processing digitally. The dynamic range of scanners and the ability to adjust curves and levels make "fixing" loosely exposed and developed negatives reasonably simple in most cases. Trying to make physical prints with some of my 4x5 negatives my looseness has bitten me in the backside somewhat.

The following prints were made trying to ensure that maximum "blacks" were achieved and contrast adjusted (where possible) to push details up the curve and show as much detail as possible in the highlights.