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Tripping on Trichrome

After having spent a year messing around with the Trichrome process making colour images from black and white negatives I thought it was about time I did something with them. My initial thought was to do something similar to "The Illustrated Collodion News" but that turned out to be a bit (ok a lot) beyond my abilities.

I fell back to producing the tried and trusted A5 photo zine detailing my path into and through making Trichrome images. Featuring 16 of my favourite Trichrome images on 24 printed pages it covers how I started during 2021 #fp4party through "discovering" Colour from Movement 🙄

Images are from the RB67, Harman TiTAN pinhole, Ondu pinhole, Holga and Ritter 7x17" Ultra Large Format view camera.

I used the fabulous services of Mixam who provide the perfect balance of value, quality, speed and ease of use. I also used Mixam to produce the accompanying A5 Trichrome print of the underside the Orwell Bridge.

It's sold well and broken even which is nice. As of posting this I still have a small number of copies left. If you fancy an insight into the Why of Trichrome grab yourself a cheap read from my store here Tripping on Trichrome zine

Thanks everybody who has bought a copy. I hope you enjoyed the read, the images and the print. If I've stimulated you to trying the process please share your results so we can all bask in the glory that is Trichrome photography.

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