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Vivid exhibition

When my local new Gallery / Studio / Darkroom space said they were having a Vivid exhibition I couldn't not put my Trichrome images forward. I've never done a show before so the whole process is new to me and I've over thought it, got myself in a right tizz and my Imposter Syndrome has been having a field day.

Anyway, it's all ready and to be fair I think it looks great. I'm not really allowed to say that but I have and it's out there now. It's nearly 2 years of effort experimenting with making colour images from black and white film and movement. I hope you can come along and see the prints in real life, they jump off the paper and look so much better than the usual tiny images you see on the screen.


Illuminate Studio Brightwell Barns, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP10 0BJ

Open View: Sat 3rd Sept 6-8pm

Runs until 25th Sept (check Illuminate for opening days/times)

I've got 16 prints showing and there are other photographers and artists showing also. It would be fabulous if you came as saw the prints IRL. If you want to talk about them then just drop me a message 👌

A selection of some of my Trichrome (Colour from Movement) images that will be in the show.

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