This is the start of my Trichome infection. I had waited months for #fp4party on Twitter to come around and planned to try a 7x17" ULF Trichome. Never having made one before I need to test my understanding and experiment with something smaller and cheaper. This is it. Eye opening to say the least. The funky colours on the right hand wall are not real, they don't exist. They are ephemeral, created by the movement of the shadows on a windy sunny day as the clouds and trees moved and changed the light recorded during the 3 exposures.

Patient Zero Trichrome

  • Trichrome images are made up of 3 separate black and white negatives each made with one of Red/Green/Blue filters. The negatives are then scanned and a new single digital image created using the scans as the RGB channels. The final colours are greatly influenced by changes in the scene during the three exposures. Wind, light levels, additional in camera filtering are all used to create different effects.