Gold tone Kallitype print

RB67 50mm Ilford FP4 Plus negative

8"x6.8" on A4 Arches Platine paper

Railway bridge kallitype

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  • Kallitype prints are made using a contact printing process with Iron/Silver salts as the light sensitive components. The resulting print are to "cleared" thoroughly to improve archivability and toning in Gold/Platinum/Palladium will improve this further. Kallitypes toned in Pt/Pd are known as "The poor mans platinum print" as the resulting chemicals are indentical and the final print is indistinguishable from an original Pt/Pd print.

  • This paper is THE premium Alternative Process #altprocess printing paper. With it's heavy weight, slight tooth, excellent sensitiser absorbing qualities and structural strength it cannot be beaten. It's pricey, but it's worth it.